Jazz & Flowers

Jazz & Flowers No. 1, paper collage, 2022

When I started making paper collages, I didn’t know how to embrace the medium. I would find myself getting frustrated that my work looked so much like cut paper–too much like cut paper, if that makes sense. I wanted my work to have a polish, an aesthetic, and an intelligence that I sensed was possible, but in the early days, I was incapable of executing. What I ended up with in the beginning was a jumble of hand-cut paper that looked like a jumble of hand-cut paper. And it frustrated me. It wasn’t until I figured out what my style was that some of that frustration began to dissipate. That’s when collage really clicked for me, when I gained confidence in my work, when I began to experiment more freely, and really embrace the magic of cut paper.

Fast forward to today, and I find, ironically, that the most intensely freeing moments of my collage practice are when I make cut paper collages that look–very intentionally–like cut paper.

That’s the ethos behind Jazz & Flowers. As I have in recent art posts, I included music for your listening pleasure as you scroll through this collection.

Jazz & Flowers No. 2, paper collage, 2022
Jazz & Flowers No. 3, paper collage, 2022
Jazz & Flowers No. 4, paper collage, 2022
Jazz & Flowers No. 5, paper collage, 2022
Jazz & Flowers No. 6, paper collage, 2022
Jazz & Flowers No. 7, paper collage, 2022
Jazz & Flowers No. 8, paper collage, 2022

I was scheduled to participate in a local vendor fair on Friday that was, unfortunately, canceled due to inclement weather. The good news: I have LOTS of inventory and have decided to have a last minute Black Friday sale, beginning today. All art prints in my shop are 25% off through Saturday. Use code FRIDAY25 at checkout to claim your discount. I’ve also added some new artwork to the shop, so be sure to check it out.

6 responses to “Jazz & Flowers”

  1. Everything about this post makes me smile. Your art, the music, and learning more about your artistic journey and process. Sorry to learn about your vendor cancellation, but you turned it into something positive!

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  2. I really like 1 & 6…couples upon a backdrop of color and possibility. Well done 🙂 and thank you for sharing part of your journey with your paper cutting…art can be a frustrating process..but in the end, it’s what really feeds our desire to live and to love..

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    • Thank you, my friend! Those two are actually my favorites, as well. 🙂 Art can be frustrating, but sometimes that frustration leads to great breakthroughs…and to the most soul-satisfying work.


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