Bedtime Stories & Other Art

Bedtime Stories, paper collage, 2022

Here are some new experiments in collage art. Overall, I’m satisfied with this selection, though at first, I didn’t care much for Bedtime Stories. It has, however, grown on me considerably over the past week. I hope you enjoy these.

Let’s Make a Rainbow, paper collage, 2022
Sky’s the Limit, paper collage, 2022
Can You Please Hold?, paper collage, 2022
Acoustic Dreams, paper collage, 2022
Generations, paper collage, 2022

Select prints are available in my shop. I’ve also added some new prints over the past few weeks, so if you haven’t visited in awhile, please check it out.

14 responses to “Bedtime Stories & Other Art”

  1. Skys the Limit and Can You Please Hold are my favorite 🙂 I really love the red lipstick and red phone in the one…I can see myself in it 🙂 spoon in hand, preparing a meal with my head in the clouds filled with ideas and dreams..and talking excitedly on the phone to a trusted friend about the details 🙂

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