Dreamkeepers & Other Art

Dreamkeepers, paper collage, 2022

Here are some new experiments in collage art. Please enjoy.

Wanderers, paper collage, 2022
Walk Through Flowers, paper collage, 2022
Sleepy Hollow, , paper collage, 2022
Final Approach, , paper collage, 2022
Journeymen, paper collage, 2022

23 responses to “Dreamkeepers & Other Art”

  1. I like your new experiments in collage art, L. I don’t want to sound like a pedantic critic, but I perceive certain references to European informalism and American expressionism in your new works. Bravo! 😉

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      • I related your new works to Informalism and Expressionism because, in my opinion, both artistic movements granted the artist full freedom of expression, allowed the unpredictability of the materials and the randomness of the compositions. Open works that can be freely interpreted by the spectator… These coincidences led me to associate it with your fantastic collages. There was nothing ‘intriguing’ about my comment 🙂 ….

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  2. So much of your art showing people in seemingly desolate (yet visually intriguing) places reminds me of Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles–bizarre, beautiful, and thought-provoking landscapes and the beings that inhabit them. Truly fantastic!

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