Birds of Winter, Part II

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

I spent a good amount of time taking photographs this week. Among the most noteworthy here are the Ruby-crowned Kinglet (above), Blue-headed Vireo, and Brown Creeper.

I have been waiting (not so patiently) since last winter to get acceptable photographs of both a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and a Brown Creeper. Both are winter residents in North Carolina, and both are small and can be relatively difficult to spot, especially since they don’t frequent bird feeders (although the kinglet visits my suet feeders on occasion). But what makes them so difficult–or downright maddening–to photograph is that they never stop moving. Ever. You can be sure some blood, sweat, and tears went into those photographs.

The Blue-headed Vireo who appears twice below was a total surprise. I was in the woods this afternoon looking for, of all things, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet who I spotted nearby, and the vireo hopped in front of my lens. Such a beautiful little bird and a sweet surprise.

American Goldfinch
Eastern Bluebirds (male)
Blue-headed Vireo
Yellow-rumped Warbler (female)
House Finch (female)
Red-bellied Woodpecker (female) and Brown-headed Nuthatch
House Finch (male)
Tufted Titmouse
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Blue Jay
Eastern Bluebird (female)
American Goldfinch
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (male)
Brown Creeper
White-throated Sparrow
Blue-headed Vireo
Pine Warbler (male) and House Finch (male)

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