Into the Sunset & Other Art

Into the Sunset, paper collage, 2023

Here is a new batch of collage art. As you may have noticed (from this and previous posts), I can’t seem to stay away from vintage Tabasco ads: that squirting hot sauce bottle is way, way too much fun not to reuse.

Please enjoy.

Flower Lounge, paper collage, 2023
Sunday Afternoon, paper collage, 2023
Pink Desert, paper collage, 2023
Butterfly Lounge, paper collage, 2023
Snorkeling, paper collage, 2023
The Picnic, paper collage, 2023
Ripple, paper collage, 2023

Also, I have some good news to share: Hot Stuff and Wanderlust have been accepted into the juried show, “Red,” at Colors of Humanity Art Gallery for the month of February. I’ll post a link once the show opens.

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