Self-Portrait No. 3

Self-Portrait No. 3, paper collage, 2023

I’m afraid this week was not a particularly creative one for me–at least not until late yesterday. I started the week with pink eye (conjunctivitis), of all things. It was mild but just irritating enough to spoil the creative mood on the two days I had scheduled studio time: Monday and Tuesday.

That said, I’m back to it and thought I’d share these two new pieces with you. I recently acquired 20+ National Geographic magazines from the late 1930s through the early 1980s and a Holiday magazine from 1964, and I’m having a wonderful time going through them. One of the Nat Geos has (or had) a fairly extensive article on wild mushrooms, which is where these two collages came from.

There is something, to me, about the composition of Self-Portrait No. 3 that makes it feel endearing enough to call a self-portrait (which was not my original intent). I hope you enjoy these, and I will have more artwork to share with you soon.

Mushroom Garden, paper collage, 2023

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