Evelyn & Other Art

Evelyn, paper collage, 2023

I realized this afternoon, as I was scanning this batch of artwork, that I’ve got a rather sizable collection of collages I don’t like–or, that I find lacking in some way and haven’t shared on the blog or elsewhere.

So, I got thinking it might be fun to do a “collages I don’t like” post in the near future. If I do, I promise, they won’t be too bad.

For now, however, I hope you enjoy these collages. To Eternity, Farewell, There’s Something Out There, and On Top of the World were done within the past week. All of the others were made today. I have included a bit of music for your listening pleasure as you scroll through this post.

To Eternity, paper collage, 2023
Sunny Side Up, paper collage, 2023
Farewell, paper collage, 2023
There’s Something Out There, paper collage, 2023
Picking Flowers No. 2, paper collage, 2023
Pool Party, paper collage, 2023
On Top of the World, paper collage, 2023
Lone Rider, paper collage, 2023

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