Viper & Other Art

Viper, paper collage, 2023

I’ve been going through an ebb in the way of creative ebbs and flows for roughly the past two weeks, since I posted Evelyn and company. It wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to sit down and make some collages I was at least somewhat pleased with. I hope you enjoy them.

Dixie Motel, collage on vintage postcard, 2023
Eyes on the Prize, paper collage, 2023
Day at the Beach, paper collage, 2023
The Storm is Behind You, paper collage, 2023
Untitled, paper collage, 2023

17 responses to “Viper & Other Art”

  1. “The Storm is Behind You”…really good. I love the “yin-yang” of the collage’. And “Viper” has a daring quality that I love. I like the idea of wearing a snake around my neck and wrists as I don a house dress, doing chores..but I think I will leave that one in my 🙂

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    • Thank you very much! I was looking for something to do with the snake, and as soon as I saw the woman, I thought, “She’s the snake lady!” There is a certain allure to the idea of donning a snake, I agree, but it probably is better left as a thought. 🐍🙂


  2. What no off course spy balloons or alien weather balloons? Just Magical Sky Mushrooms, Unidentified Aerial Hot-dogs, and a flying car. I’ve been waiting for a flying car since the Jetsons first aired. 😀
    I’ve been attempting to compose an altered book. A person’s skill may exceed their grasp, but that’s what the pile of papers & other objects is for. Posts are on Asemic Tarot ( one can always treat the book as a dadaist oracle of compiled asemic koans).

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