Anna & Other Art

Anna, paper collage, 2023

Here are some new experiments in collage art. For the past week, I’ve been feeling rather frustrated with my collage practice. I’ve been uninspired. I’ve been forcing things. I found myself unable to play as freely as usual. All of which are strong indicators to me that I need new materials. Badly.

So, this afternoon I visited a local used bookstore, where I picked up a bunch of vintage National Geographic magazines, along with some astronomy magazines and a vintage photography book…just enough to get by until my next big haul of Nat Geo’s arrives in the mail. And, fortunately, that did the trick. I came home and made Sunflower Fields, Happy Days, and Under the Stars.

I hope you enjoy the artwork here. As always, I have included some music for your listening (and viewing) pleasure.

Sunflower Fields, paper collage, 2023
The Beach, paper collage, 2023
Forever Young, paper collage, 2023
Happy Days, paper collage, 2023
Under the Stars, paper collage, 2023
Cowboys, paper collage, 2023

14 responses to “Anna & Other Art”

  1. Nice! In a bit of synchrony I’ve been cutting images out of a bunch of gardening and O Magazine magazines that sat out in the mudroom all winter. This past winter I picked up a library giveaway book of old maps that I’ll be using at some point. I always like your collages even if I don’t take time to “like” them.

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  2. I love sunflower fields 🙂 I’m thinking I need to purchase it 🙂 And isn’t it great, to take a small step to inspire yourself once again…it often doesn’t take much to find the inspiration…just the simple choice to seek it 🙂

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    • Well said, my friend! Sometimes a simple change, like working with new materials, reading a new book, or taking a walk along a different path, are all we need to ignite a spark of inspiration. 🙂 I will DM you about Sunflower Fields. She is, by far, my favorite here, and I am delighted you like her so much! Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  3. I am delighted to read you found a cure for your “uninspired” state. Creative mission accomplished! Whatever the artform, it’s good to keep an open mind and keep perspectives fresh. ✨

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  4. A beautiful collection of pieces that each speak to their own sense of wonder and curiosity! I love too that you found fresh inspiration in the delightful pages of vintage National Geographic. ❤

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