Sailing & Other Art

Sailing, paper collage, 2023

Here are some fresh experiments in collage art. I am very much back in my “happy place” now that I’ve gotten new materials. Although, I have to say there’s something enjoyable about the challenge of working with scraps, found postcards, and other odd bits of vintage paper that I wouldn’t normally work with. Sometimes those challenges force us to be more creative.

It’s also great fun to scour the shelves in used bookstores and antique shops for unique vintage finds. The little lady in Field of Dreams No. 2 (below) was one such find. She was part of an old postcard from Saratoga Springs, NY.

Please enjoy the following art/music experience.

Field of Dreams No. 2, paper collage, 2023
Strike!, paper collage, 2023
Untitled, paper collage, 2023
Over the Rainbow, paper collage, 2023
Sightseeing, paper collage, 2023
Moonlit, paper collage, 2023
Cosmic Gardens No. 2, paper collage, 2023

Also, I have a new idea I’d like to share: I am thinking of doing a limited run of “postcards from another world”, or “postcards from futures past”…or something similarly named. Maybe a bundle of 5-10 postcards featuring collages that have a postcard feel to them, like these:

The idea actually comes from my new business cards…which I love. (They’re from Moo, for anyone who might be interested.) I wanted each one to feel like a miniature work of art; so, I used multiple designs. And in local businesses where I have them displayed, they seem to be popular. So, I thought something a little larger, something that feels a bit more tangible, like a postcard from another unique time-space might be enjoyable for people.

I bring it up because I would like your feedback on the idea. (I also wanted an excuse to share my new business cards.)

13 responses to “Sailing & Other Art”

  1. I love Over the Rainbow! I actually have a yellow rotary phone in my bedroom that looks just like the one in the collage’! And “True” is a song that I really loved growing up 🙂
    And I think postcards are a great idea! I can see why people like the business cards 🙂 I think I need a few 🙂 Postcards are a really nice size whether you’re sending them or displaying them in your home…I personally have numerous propped along edges throughout my home..a lot of memories tied to them 🙂

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    • Very good to know about the postcards. Thank you, my friend! I think there’s something special and nostalgic about postcards, too. 🙂 And I’m happy you enjoyed the artwork here, including my business cards. They’re so much fun!


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