Little Reminders

Little Reminders No. 1, paper collage, 2023

poetry is a walking meditation
in a word: mayhem

being: a laundromat of syllables
nonbeing: the unspeakable tragedy of a misplaced sock

to laugh, or not to laugh
to close my eyes and seek the proofs of living
a full moon, obscene as an overripe fruit 
a metaphor is a requiem for spiderwebs

i close my eyes and wonder if i am fully asleep 
a word becomes words 
one after another, they fly at the ceiling 
and converge in a single drop of rain

by some improbable act, i am a meadow 
i transform myself into an insect
i dream of unfolding your body like a crown of feathers
to cry, to leap across a bed of oranges
as a goldfish leaps across the desert

imagination is a choice

a crow dances on a telephone wire
a single yellow flower defies the probability of asphalt
despite itself, because of itself—now, that’s courage

not this foolish pencil
with its muddy boots and half-smoked cigarette 

the matchbox that gives birth to a thousand stars

16 responses to “Little Reminders”

  1. You had me at the opening stanza. So good! I just love the zeal in this. So many great lines, “imagination is a choice” “a single yellow flower defies the probability of asphalt” and that wonderful last line, “the matchbox that gives birth to a thousand stars”

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  2. This really is a wonderful poem…captures so much of what poetry is..mayhem, being open to all around you and making a “choice to imagine”…truly the liet motif of the poem..well done, my friend. I will be rereading this entry today 🙂

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