Beach Babe & Other Art

Beach Babe, paper collage, 2023

For the past few weeks, I’ve been going through something of a low creativity phase. I’ve still been creating…just not as much as I normally do. The hardest part of low creativity phases for me is giving myself the freedom not to create, choosing to respect the natural “ebbs and flows” of the process and not forcing myself to make art when I simply don’t feel inspired to do so.

That said, I do have some artwork to share with you. I have also been spending a great deal of time in the garden, especially over the past few days. And I expect to have photographs to share with you soon. I hope you enjoy this collection of artwork.

Embracing Solitude, paper collage, 2023
Out of Touch, paper collage, 2023
In the Mix, paper collage, 2023
Where Flowers Grow, paper collage, 2023

16 responses to “Beach Babe & Other Art”

  1. You’ve highlighted my grandmother’s Jell-O mold! 😁Although, that’s definitely not my grandma. 😆 These are fun! I’ve also been doing my best to honor life and my own ebbs and flows. ✨ Gardening is a wonderful and nourishing respite. I look forward to your photos.

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    • Haha 😂 I hope that’s not grandma! Beach Babe actually came from a Taschen book of 1,000 pin-ups–mostly drawings and vintage magazine cover art. I recently saw the book on display in a hotel lobby, and the artwork was so good I had to get a copy. And you are very right about gardening. 🌻🌱It is nourishing for the spirit and requires a creativity of its own kind. Sometimes respecting the ebbs and flows life is difficult, but it sure makes us wiser. Thank you for your feedback, Michele, and happy Thursday!

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    • You are very welcome! And I understand the frustration. Sometimes just knowing there are other artists/creators out there going through the same thing can make a big difference. I appreciate your comment!

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