Beyond Suffering

I felt compelled to write this post because of a conversation I had yesterday with fellow blogger, Gabriela. In responding to issues I raised in a recent post on religion and personality, she asked me how I felt about the notion that “life is suffering,” especially as it relates to the central meaning I ascribe [...]

Songs of Pale Harvest

the sea will not fail i tell you, the moon drowns  and never changes so let your joy rise up and take you become cavernous become liquid in the sunset sing songs of pale harvest songs of rust and water of a laughter finer than silk live free; stretch yourself long past the dawn says [...]

On Religion and Personality

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know my self-study in psychology has taken me some very interesting places. Self-actualization. Creativity, perception, mysticism. Various topics in humanistic and existential psychotherapy. Religion, too, has been a part of these discussions; although, I admit, I’ve never been particularly interested in religion as a course of [...]

Your Peace is Tide

Heavenly bodies, paper collage, 2020 your peace is tide spotless like warm rain sends out roots invents prophets invents poets invents a grim, impossible fate like rebirth, this too, is inevitable overhead, a second sun cracks, runs golden unties its strings & waits

Man, Love Maker

now, a man a single atom shaken in gloom invented in a garden worshipped in a parking lot made love with unpolished hands in a field of burnt orange poppies splits, decides makes wine dances with vengeance

The Cosmic Art of Naming

names know each other it’s a fact the difference between reality and meaninglessness has no name —that’s your big wheel road riot imperial high chariot if you look it up in your dictionary you’ll find a statement of what doesn’t exist: pulpit constellations and mud-gripped cellos self-seeking arrows the soft delirium of counting backwards from [...]