The Invitation

The Invitation, paper collage, 2020 the crow, the shunted earth a detestable paradox, i’d say a man, the shadow of a man could have been anyone. i am troubled by his stillness, his lethargy of mind a woman, face like an amber moon begins to move & wonders if she is a messenger or a [...]

Venus Flies at Night

Salvador Dalí, The Hallucinogenic Toreador, 1968-70 Venus flies at nightrugged-faced androgynous as a whistlea cactus breeds listens with two heads at the same time(a bit like walking without sunshine)perhaps a better woman would have squeezed the worldno. a better woman would have told you happiness is singing with your hair downin spite of all the [...]

Bonsai Love Letter

not everything profound moves; not everything peaceful is organic this poem is really a form animal—a bonsai love letter or a jigsaw falling into place (either way, a climax in both entity and arrangement) what i think i’m after: an epic poem including history, an awareness of history (these things aren’t the same) seems desperate, [...]

“Why wait?”

"Why wait?" Paper collage, 2021. we’re well-suited for decay. in less time than it takes to say this, i’ll have penciled in the image of a garden and replaced it with a facsimile of the moon a bodiless path that leads wherever i choose my mind’s asleep on a bed of goldfish and i am [...]

Pomegranate Song

what i see beneath me is not me what clings to my boot soles & the contours of their soft downward skin not the politics of starry nights not the alchemy of everyday objects to live; to keep time on & stranger still the risk of borrowed footprints for awhile no. wherever you are; wherever [...]

Hands on the Ocean

we are responsible for the obsolete it’s in everything, after all. time, dust shifting unawareness a drop of rain or a hand on the ocean how cosmic, how quaint what else but marigold fields? what else but the record of a hummingbird symphony? where were you when they whitewashed the moon gave paradise an old [...]

Undefined Lives of Trees

this is the best you’re expecting; a sky to enlarge the gloom, a spoon to tell you the meadow is impossible; well, i’m here to tell youto shine, to not shine, to make oars of our legsis to violate the most sacred arrangements to agitate the sands precisely when there is no sand at all; [...]

Last Migration

there’s an idea that we’re alive & don’t know it. that chaos is born from the geometries of nightingales & parabolas in bad weather but there’s no such thing as chaos, friend, only an order you don’t understand; we’re all staring at an atlas of nowhere; lizards don’t change socks & heroes don’t climb telephone [...]