Polaroid Confessions

just ask (shall we be friends) or strangers over coffee are you good (with love and) yes i’m sure then call whenever (i wish i could but) my baby’s windows are always open at night (no filter) the bliss of cozy winter both of us living right touched by hands and mouths (cross my heart) [...]

Mannequin Planet

Original artwork by T. Blake pencil in the image of a dancing lady dress melted down like tobacco, a hit of vintage perfume and a smooth gathering of chiffon at the ankles, this will be her scene enter: a cat with a cool strut his groove is loose like silver, a cabaret like a one-man [...]

Afternoon Tea

This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 1/31/20 An afternoon with a lazy, cool attitude. Listening to Steely Dan and sipping herbal tea. Been reflecting on my journey through various stages of The Used Life and coming to view them more and more as a series of returns. That is, I began [...]

Memory Tree

if you come back, everything will dissolve at once, and how should i hang static in the approaching summertime? sleepwalking, 3 a.m. another ageless migration my memory runs still like watercolor rock paper swords and liquid airplanes the trippest discovery that ‘someday’ tastes a little like dime store pop just adventuresome you and so much [...]

On Reading

I am still deep into my quest for creative inspiration. And if I may say, I am enjoying the quest so much, I am not certain I want it to end. Indeed, I set out nearly two weeks ago, in the hopes of revivifying my poetry, to explore the world of Steampunk. Which has turned [...]

Open, Safari

i’ll take you now while the lights are out and our bodies are loose like birds on a hunt for simple treasure where i think we could be happy sitting on pavement and dining under a crooked tree this hour, our hands clasped on a river, sand on your face, and the summer motif of [...]

On Novelty

I published a poem last night, titled “Mannequin Planet,” which I then deleted early this morning. I’m sorry about that. I am not normally so fickle, but I didn’t like it. I just couldn’t bring myself to like it. And I decided it wasn’t of the quality I want to publish here. The truth is [...]