Feeding June

is all. my body scandalous and electric summoning the voice of god under a wild oak tree possibly thriving a prophecy of hands and mouth all rivers have a reason (free and cold) just like you as the best of rebels and women in love supposing the oftenness of angels cross-legged and getting lucky in [...]

Red Love Lady

as walking in dreams i give the impression of someone seeking truth ancestors wildfires heroes on the run voices that are atoms from another life not always but sometimes, yes, a voyage of cruel contemplation red love ladies city boys & space-age whiskey silence is the universe in a bottle (& here they are as [...]

Tree of Babel

This quarantine has got me creating rather feverishly, and that includes returning to projects I haven't visited in a long time. Some of you may remember my first experiment with collage art back in August, which resulted in Very High Cosmos (and consequently, kickstarted my creativity after a rather long and arduous dry spell). Among the clippings [...]

Girl to Bad Weather

time to speak above me a body in a wilderness voice selfishly seeking rain even here barefoot in love and rose petals on a river a prophecy more not yet than forever i see god and turn around distant but not gathering clouds and if nothing but blood delivers us where (and will we) with [...]


gently contemplating the ace space symbol a new face of hope fading from above and relentlessly depleted of green imagine a mind written in a maze learning to realize its rectangles sudden blades of understanding windmill of certainty, the timeless exchange of smiles and here if you were a thousand miles trapped in needless conversation [...]

Blue Domino Cafe

say the woman is a storyteller fox brown hair a woman with eyes like forgotten treasure a lacy pair of fishnets and stilettos like steel moons she’s a gypsy who lives on the tipsy side of paradise a beachfront hut, a tin can shack where the sand meets the sun a floating wooden frame beneath [...]