Birds of Winter, Part II

Red-Shouldered Hawk I've really been enjoying photographing the birds this winter--and enjoying the mix of birds that are visiting my feeders and hanging out in the woods nearby. Of the photos in this post that I consider noteworthy, or that are among my favorites, the majority are woodpeckers. (I have an affinity for woodpeckers.) This [...]

The Only Way Out Is Up

To Fall, mixed media collage, 2022 i. paradise is destruction everyone knows that the contemplation of loss, or the idea of loss ties and unties the knots of our misfortune like a cotton sweater ii. my walls are decorated with the sounds of fish hooks and a reverence for Saturday afternoon jazz we were no [...]

What’s the Rush?

Pieces No. 11, paper collage, 2022 where are you going the rest of your lifewe’ve only just begunthis waltz of upholstered shadowsthe moon, leaning out its windowcalling in the clarinets, horsestearing ourselves from the doorframesmaking fools of these tattered sheets Pieces No. 12, paper collage, 2022 We spend too much time looking outside when we [...]


Pieces No. 3, paper collage, 2022 where do you go when you discover yourself? where the night comes in where silence engulfs our bodies like a hammer i close my eyes and i am unborn i lie down with the bell of the oyster i am the voice of a poet who wanted to but [...]

House of Cards

House of Cards, mixed media collage, 2021 I’ve spent time over the past several days working with Victorian cabinet cards and found photographs. What I like most about this particular medium (aside from the fact that it’s inherently playful and fun) is the challenge. If you’re familiar with cabinet cards, you know they are Victorian-era [...]

On Killer Instincts

You're a Dream, mixed media collage, 2021 In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés discusses the “life-death-life” aspects of our nature—the idea that life, in its fullest form (and woman, in her fullest form) is a series of deaths and rebirths. It is this concept of “life-death-life” that got me thinking about [...]