Has Had Paradise

Had Had Paradise is my second poetry chapbook. This carefully curated collection represents 20 of the most sensual, philosophic, and polished poems I have written to date.

Each book is bound by hand to order.

Seven Road & Other Poems


Seven Road & Other Poems is an artistic and spiritual journey in and through the self. This collection of narrative poems represents a combination of fantasy, humor, philosophy, and a sincere questioning of what it means to create a meaningful life amid the chaos of a postmodern reality. As a reader, you’ll be transported to a series of magical worlds, with settings as diverse as speakeasies, mermaids’ grottos, and a desert that is home to an old witch and her lonely white apple tree. “Seven Road” is a magic carpet ride in five scenes that includes five paintings representative of the poem’s major themes, one of which, in conjunction with Part I of “Seven Road” was featured in a juried Word Art exhibition at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs, CO in February 2019. All five paintings are printed here in full color, on high-quality cotton paper, and hand-bound together with the full text, for the first time.

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