The universe is as improbable as a hummingbird.

Hummingbirds live at the limits of what is possible. I am reminded of a quote by David Attenborough, a documentary on hummingbirds and, for reasons I don’t yet understand, Rollo May’s The Meaning of Anxiety, which I first read about three years ago. It’s late on the Sunday morning after my birthday. I’m doing yoga [...]

On Gratitude

It seems popular these days to speak of gratitude as an almost magical inner experience. As if feeling thankful is, quite literally, some sort of magnet, a means of attracting the good life and all it affords. That is, love, abundance, freedom, and general life satisfaction. I emphatically disagree with this viewpoint.  Of course, I’ve [...]

The Pretender

The Pretender, paper collage, 2021 This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 5/25/21 I awake this morning reminded of Alan Watts. My mind’s been unsettled since I published Butterfly Effect. Agitated in the way one often is when on the verge of completing a very important thought. The world inside is the [...]