The Vixen Diaries: A Project in Self-Fashioning

Among the qualities that commonly draw me to a particular writer, artist, or thinker, there is one that allows me to develop a unique affinity for the individual and a special appreciation for his or her work. It is a dimension of personality (or, perhaps, it is more) that, once I uncover it in another—in [...]

On Adaptability 

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed creating my own challenges. Generally, this means increasing the level of difficulty inherent in dull or overly simplistic situations by adding extra limits, or constraints, to either my behavior or my thinking. It is my feeling that self-imposed limits, or self-created challenges, can transform rote [...]


As I reflect on the material contained in my last several posts, Miss Cherry excluded, I find myself observing a number of interesting shifts in my perspective on this blogging project, especially over the course of the last month. What began as a rather rudimentary and unfettered attempt to apply bits of psychological theory to [...]