The Only Way Out Is Up

To Fall, mixed media collage, 2022 i. paradise is destruction everyone knows that the contemplation of loss, or the idea of loss ties and unties the knots of our misfortune like a cotton sweater ii. my walls are decorated with the sounds of fish hooks and a reverence for Saturday afternoon jazz we were no [...]


Pieces No. 3, paper collage, 2022 where do you go when you discover yourself? where the night comes in where silence engulfs our bodies like a hammer i close my eyes and i am unborn i lie down with the bell of the oyster i am the voice of a poet who wanted to but [...]

Not At All

Not At All, mixed media, 2021 goodness is wild a solstice of passion an aria for a flannel shirt Goodness is wild. I believe that. I also believe that goodness is something we can see—not with an inner eye, but literally see with our eyes—and would perceive much more readily if we weren’t conditioned not [...]

Exit Signs

To Catch You, mixed media, 2021 opera a theme for belonging moment of inner peace a hawk cries the violin is under snow a poem that isn’t what it ought to be a mock waterfall an oboe playing polka dots with your eyes a knock at the door the kind of self-deception that is necessary [...]

A Moment Apart

Woman No. 11, mixed media, 2021 the real woman is under water and in the moment you grab my hips i am assured of her destruction swift, like a pine needle to be, at once, a moment apart to be a fast car to be a bird at the wheel hour after hour turning our [...]

A Way with Words

Woman No. 8, mixed media, 2021 i. the lamp is waiting the chair, at this hour, is more cynical than usual and why not? i close my eyes and the moon shivers i take a sip of wine and the hemisphere is cold even the crows have stopped asking questions ii. i envision your body [...]

Laughter in the Dark

The Chaos of You, mixed media, 2021 everything at daybreak is less heavy somehow a crow in the yard at 7 a.m. he’d might as well be an angel on the horn a pair of scissors or an ordinary word unsoiled by corruption do you remember those days? when we imagined there was more to [...]