Feeding June

is all. my body scandalous and electric summoning the voice of god under a wild oak tree possibly thriving a prophecy of hands and mouth all rivers have a reason (free and cold) just like you as the best of rebels and women in love supposing the oftenness of angels cross-legged and getting lucky in [...]

Red Love Lady

as walking in dreams i give the impression of someone seeking truth ancestors wildfires heroes on the run voices that are atoms from another life not always but sometimes, yes, a voyage of cruel contemplation red love ladies city boys & space-age whiskey silence is the universe in a bottle (& here they are as [...]

Girl to Bad Weather

time to speak above me a body in a wilderness voice selfishly seeking rain even here barefoot in love and rose petals on a river a prophecy more not yet than forever i see god and turn around distant but not gathering clouds and if nothing but blood delivers us where (and will we) with [...]


gently contemplating the ace space symbol a new face of hope fading from above and relentlessly depleted of green imagine a mind written in a maze learning to realize its rectangles sudden blades of understanding windmill of certainty, the timeless exchange of smiles and here if you were a thousand miles trapped in needless conversation [...]

Blue Domino Cafe

say the woman is a storyteller fox brown hair a woman with eyes like forgotten treasure a lacy pair of fishnets and stilettos like steel moons she’s a gypsy who lives on the tipsy side of paradise a beachfront hut, a tin can shack where the sand meets the sun a floating wooden frame beneath [...]

Woman, by Landscape

full moon a sense of symmetry by unsayable things idle circles (set with stars and) naïve fantasies of a woman, by landscape with the lights off and once you were and at once altogether (a hair’s length, but no further) such bodies as in pictures stiffened more flowers than in ink slow hands and daffodils [...]

Seven Hours to Midnight

from here, it’s impossible to imagine the sounds of good news, faint like someone else’s memories, a divine frontier of things left unsaid at seven hours to midnight, the moon all dressed in red the distant glow of sea colors or a song for somebody who matters now, i don’t know about you but i’m [...]