There is no time for bones.

there is no time for bones. changing skins of sex fire and other enlightened things. each springtime, whether to erase time or bare ourselves to the sun. (some people wear out their elbows that way.) mouths like wine and knives in oranges. this is the stuff of naked poetry, sayable for unsayable things. it’s like [...]

Girl, Fairytale

if tomorrow was fit with fairytales (we would always walk as if on sunshine) lush and ethereal like smoke on water or a skeleton made of fireflies if grace was a body and our bodies were fairytales mammoth-like and wild (eyes are snails bellies full of sand) a thought like a body in a loud [...]

Water on Water

to touch the earth is a sensation worth preserving, don’t you think? a central metaphor for all that is holy like the unreality of fire or a meadow full of white moons & even if the forests themselves amounted to nothing but rain, the grainy silhouette of water on water the coarseness of wine or [...]

Milky Generation

it’s the same revival of matter anywhere you go something about what is right in our lives, sometime seldom pure, just walks in circles and searches for signals accomplishments of thinkers and pop culture revolutionaries milky generations between odd and even pulse and rewind i’m thinking subtractively, of course, cutting limitless weight, the shapes of [...]

Gravity on a Tabletop

everything passes through unseen forces landscapes tabletops the limits of freedom & most trees even the voices of oceans dusted off & debated softly over breakfast This collage is my second attempt at gravity on a tabletop.  And, while I'm not certain this landscape really depicts the essence of the poem, I really kind of dig [...]