Flaps flare Seated Stowed Ears deaf to the drum Of the skyline Stamping Beneath the jet engines’ roar Swollen feet fidget Clamoring for disembarkation Anxious bodies are restless to depressurize Please have your documents ready Another 767 Lurches to the gate (The baby in 2C is finally asleep.) Seatbelts: Off Landing lips: On Additional translation … Continue reading Arrival

Read the Room

Up-sell Cross-sell Engage Connect Assess their needs Sell to their needs You have no needs Your needs are their needs   Smile Role-play Turn on the charm Deep breath Confident face Ready? Am I speaking? I hear myself Am I smiling enough? Be assertive I’m not flirting, am I? Close the deal. Isn’t that why … Continue reading Read the Room

Miss Cherry, Part I

I first got a seedling of an idea for “Miss Cherry,” a short erotic romance, a few months ago. Below is an excerpt from the beginning. It wasn’t until he’d intercepted the third portion of the manuscript that Rex Lawson decided to write back. It was there, within that volume of unchaptered pages, that the heroine, … Continue reading Miss Cherry, Part I