Open, Safari

i’ll take you now while the lights are out and our bodies are loose like birds on a hunt for simple treasure where i think we could be happy sitting on pavement and dining under a crooked tree this hour, our hands clasped on a river, sand on your face, and the summer motif of [...]

Punk Run

: all about the god flesh a dark piece of matter and the impression of a soft liberation beyond the apparitions of shattered ceilings and paper planes (the cool wealth is rearranged) chiseled apparatus of our childhood dreams, the vogue of impossible endings it’s a secret authentic as bone marrow for the TV gods and [...]

Banshee Blues

you can tell a woman by the way she deals with the devil small like a plastic hurricane the way she ups and rolls and jives with the punches soft penance rescued from the fists of destiny like mud on the water ambitious voodoo once in a blue moon daylight’s the only crime she never [...]

Satellite Rhythm

from here cue the sounds of nature : thunderstorm, wren, mid air, the peaceful rejection of rains on a river a lone, untrampled thought like a cloudburst on a sudden Tuesday dull sky : forest white-eyed halo, a field of angels with mud on their backs holy junkyard trinity (says the man from a homesick [...]

Closed Captions

This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 12/10/19 I like that it’s a cozy, gray morning. Listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage, drinking coffee, and revisiting Rollo May’s The Courage to Create. An observation: the artists I admire most have all cultivated such powerful and unique personal styles. Poets, visual artists, musicians, too. [...]

Lime Dogs

it might be time to runaway with the second kiss a hand on my shoulder you and i tumbling through the forked opening of a shelter we're new suddenly yellow as the fields of creation off the cuff a radio edit forfeiting logic to be blinded by a deeper light the thrust of a paper [...]

Zero Hour

to the deliverance from the fog to the remains of a sacred sex & the conspiracy of heartfelt panic to the pop culture rebel to the heroic reflections of our dreams & the wretched cats who tilt their eyes on the wings of a forbidden planet to the reversible side of fire to dial in [...]