Forest Within

neither is real. the nectar or the god the eye that plunges us into the storm like  a bunch of savage, lonely children the truth is some miracles are dangerous the totalitarian revolutions of winter whispers and watercolors quaint maiden fields like a prayer for unjustified time or a mending of secret hands when  what [...]

Dressing Games

This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 10/15/20 Something magical about the moments between wakefulness and sleep. A time of vivid, free-floating images, words, phrases. I get some of my best creative ideas then—just before drifting off to sleep or upon waking. Rollo May talks about this phenomenon in The Courage to [...]

The Crossing

someone lives here on the other side of the valley  longing for horses, interstates  silicone cathedrals  and other streams of lost sensation. in the mirror, real life seems  impossible. intense, erotic and  spiraling like a swollen river.  he peers out, another  object in a room, somewhere  in borrowed space, leaping and dancing with soft delight.  [...]

Hour of the Sun

under the hour of the sun it is said, we once again  connect our ancient  souls with the dawn red deserts &  midsummer highways all that is green, no all that is treacherous & golden  frantic like a subterranean storm do you hear the birds retreating? the slim dry dawn slips  over our shoulders we [...]


life is proof of what lies beneath of time?  no. messengers, engaged in  godlike transformation upstairs, in a room upstairs, in a magic (mystic) space there, by the dunes sleek, orgiastic & frayed the first wild  thrash of dawn he is young, not pretty, using words or  sacrifice at last a light ascends how do we [...]

Art of Evolution

now is air and being human speech and so it isn’t small (when at first delicate signs of life) we speak into being what doesn’t exist word, not bone thunder or magic seed but great blue-green sweltering miracle because all life is assembled as wreckage explodes first, then radiates its nearness like the sun mind [...]

Experiments in Monochrome

i. the serpent changes mad galactic fictions of seers and mystics and rock & roll shamans somewhere, a young man is alive  and hears himself resisting neither stays nor leaves ii. aura tournament of silence artifacts of love  hidden in an empty room  with only vague notions of  what must be saved iii. naked  backstreet  [...]