Autumn Leaves

This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 10/19/2018 Immersing myself in ideas about humanistic education. Rogers, a tremendous resource on holistic learning in A Way of Being (On Becoming a Person, too). Maslow wrote a great deal about his own experiments in humanistic education in his journals. Makes me sad that it [...]

In the Middle

I have a difficult time conceiving of my creative and intellectual abilities, or anyone else's, in terms of distinct aptitudes. I think, instead, that our skills and proclivities are constantly evolving, unfolding, and overlapping in such an untidy fashion that, to define ourselves by a series of clear-cut abilities (and inabilities) can not be only [...]

What Triathlon Taught Me about Creativity, Learning, & Achievement

With regard to athletics, swimming is my first love, although I never wanted to just be a swimmer. It was an affinity for cycling, which developed over the course of the last several years, that made me consider fusing my passion for swimming with other activities. That would create a whole separate challenge and a brand new way to test [...]