What’s the Rush?

Pieces No. 11, paper collage, 2022 where are you going the rest of your lifewe’ve only just begunthis waltz of upholstered shadowsthe moon, leaning out its windowcalling in the clarinets, horsestearing ourselves from the doorframesmaking fools of these tattered sheets Pieces No. 12, paper collage, 2022 We spend too much time looking outside when we [...]


Pieces No. 3, paper collage, 2022 where do you go when you discover yourself? where the night comes in where silence engulfs our bodies like a hammer i close my eyes and i am unborn i lie down with the bell of the oyster i am the voice of a poet who wanted to but [...]

A Moment Apart

Woman No. 11, mixed media, 2021 the real woman is under water and in the moment you grab my hips i am assured of her destruction swift, like a pine needle to be, at once, a moment apart to be a fast car to be a bird at the wheel hour after hour turning our [...]

The Dealer and Other Nude Art

The Dealer, mixed media, 2021 I've been creating at a hectic pace for the past few days and have several new collages to share with you. I also received some fresh source material in the mail this afternoon, including the Taschen volume, Feu d'Amour (Seductive Smoke), a collection of erotic photographs that examines the history [...]

Woman No. 5 and Other Nude Art

Woman No. 5, mixed media, 2021 I recently acquired some fun new source materials, including a book titled, 1000 Nudes: A History of Erotic Photography from 1839-1939. And I have to say, it's a lovely book. The introduction gives a brief but informative history of the first erotic photographs, and the images are of a [...]

Woman, by Landscape

full moon a sense of symmetry by unsayable things idle circles (set with stars and) naïve fantasies of a woman, by landscape with the lights off and once you were and at once altogether (a hair’s length, but no further) such bodies as in pictures stiffened more flowers than in ink slow hands and daffodils [...]

Open, Safari

i’ll take you now while the lights are out and our bodies are loose like birds on a hunt for simple treasure where i think we could be happy sitting on pavement and dining under a crooked tree this hour, our hands clasped on a river, sand on your face, and the summer motif of [...]

Pleasure Song

because of this i ask for you at your elbows for a drift of the knee and a pushing for the pulse of a violent overturning for the golden hour when my breasts are clutched in the fists of a midday storm we are blue with the veins of existence and you with your blood [...]

Devil in a White Room

cue: the big blue easy a claim to love, no, a sense there’s goodness about whenever the walls have no room to listen digging the soft wells the comfort wells the wild breeze where we make shape with our stalk hands with our quivering eggshell throats there, the rain is no spectator no devil in [...]