Very High Cosmos

For the past few weeks, I've seriously curtailed my creative activity. Two of my last poems, Red Sailboat and Slo Shook, for me, represented a struggle. In my eyes, they lacked magic, passion, excitement. All the little ecstasies of spontaneous creation. Which I thought I might find again by doing something new and experimental with [...]

Cluster Silence

i. beneath the rib of inconsistency, a wing where innocent elbows used to be, mad bloodless moon, catchphrase, a joint of wisdom unsung & crucified the sun has fled from our protection and we are on our child knees begging for harvest ii. the head behaves much like the shoulder a pillar of imaginary softness [...]

Ring of Thieves

Joan Miró, Woman and birds in the night, 1974 the voice at the fountain is not helpless but hopelessly uncomplicated like a toy silver bell and its ring is not unfamiliar, but a vision that sings like a daffodil, or better yet, a kiss that evaporates from the dark corner of an eyelid like a [...]

Fall Through Mirrors

i awoke that morning with a fantasy like any other namely, a golden rod poking holes in the clouds and i walking a mile of dropped jaws & hanging clocks & lavender-drenched tides to a castle in a tree that bore no roots and waved an iron flag like a mechanical rib or a stale [...]

Lip Sync

have you ever spoken with your mouth directly ever followed it down a rabbit hole while your eyes were half asleep stuck in a forgotten spiral like two tumbling birds to a field that makes your footsteps giant as peacocks, a pair of yellow snakes chomping at the root of a high flying oak tree [...]

The Blind Pig

i don’t know what happens here at the arm of the great barn door the moment the day breaks through itself & the night capsizes between two watery thighs if the earth was made of salt we’d all be starving little belly full of hay sun breeze & a giant mud stage with a tambourine [...]