Lo Dive

it was never more important to remember the rose, the way it crimped in her hair like an afterthought pruned with the blade of a cruel shoulder like a little neglected wing or a misshapen song unless my eyes were lying the instant i saw her perched on the fingertip of the morning like a [...]

Sandman Express III

Read Part I and Part II of "Sandman Express." III. now, it is time i direct your attention to the twilight of my fantasy, a scene that begins with the skin of a tangerine, a poison green snail, and my hopes of finding an old desert paradise, that tequila-covered oasis made of sun and hay, [...]

Fall Through Mirrors

i awoke that morning with a fantasy like any other namely, a golden rod poking holes in the clouds and i walking a mile of dropped jaws & hanging clocks & lavender-drenched tides to a castle in a tree that bore no roots and waved an iron flag like a mechanical rib or a stale [...]

Lip Sync

have you ever spoken with your mouth directly ever followed it down a rabbit hole while your eyes were half asleep stuck in a forgotten spiral like two tumbling birds to a field that makes your footsteps giant as peacocks, a pair of yellow snakes chomping at the root of a high flying oak tree [...]

Day Glo

from here on up we’re dealing in stitches, the kind that knit together the facts of a chain letter firm as cotton the moment i read it, i sensed it was a violent new beginning they spoke of the cool grey flowers at the base of a mountain that flipped the day on its side [...]

The Blind Pig

i don’t know what happens here at the arm of the great barn door the moment the day breaks through itself & the night capsizes between two watery thighs if the earth was made of salt we’d all be starving little belly full of hay sun breeze & a giant mud stage with a tambourine [...]