Zero Hour

to the deliverance from the fog to the remains of a sacred sex & the conspiracy of heartfelt panic to the pop culture rebel to the heroic reflections of our dreams & the wretched cats who tilt their eyes on the wings of a forbidden planet to the reversible side of fire to dial in [...]


quick before the sun sets on this field of fire and the fresh air faces us like a splinter raise your skirts and collapse your fists, you primal-eyed maidens of the night we are women of the future, our broken hearts are dead in a box, with knees as delicate as ants, we are benevolent, [...]

Slo Hand

to be invisible is to forget the memories of strangers somebody in traffic somebody split by desire the faraway splendors of nocturnal skin a low-key smile handshake crippled as a fishhook time is the language of lost emotion days of wine and knives in oranges we are masters of panic and savage sexual cool

Ants on Parade

can you see what i see words don’t come easy to the sour blue mind of a biochemical visionary a puzzle in the middle illusions in the shade grill step energetic apex grooves like a 6 a.m. lollipop a lie rings out like a church bell cool mama, facts don’t matter when the dead are [...]