“Why wait?”

"Why wait?" Paper collage, 2021. we’re well-suited for decay. in less time than it takes to say this, i’ll have penciled in the image of a garden and replaced it with a facsimile of the moon a bodiless path that leads wherever i choose my mind’s asleep on a bed of goldfish and i am [...]

Secret Lives of Headlights

morning is seditious; the alphabet’s a void is nothing without the accomplice of my window where the air breaks into seasons, hour after hour the city grows younger. a portrait of strangers swooning over whiskey, revolutionizing poetry, invent music, transport themselves to a time that didn’t yet exist. themselves, invent the lore of cassette tapes, [...]

History of the Modern World

the modern world was born on a danglethat’s how we got inmoments with actual limbs just a bunch of hobos with paper haircuts paintings of melons and mystery shipsin sober sunlit arrangement (can you see it? they don’t want you to believe it) a good day, a good piece of what isn’t there, that’s what [...]