The Woman Beyond

There are moments when I survey the content on this blog and question my sense of purpose. When I step back to analyze the connections between posts–the ideas, philosophies, and forms of creative expression that have proliferated within this space over the past eight months–in order to decipher the meaning of what I’ve built. And, … Continue reading The Woman Beyond

On Feeling Pretty

There are certain states, certain complex, or elaborate, sensual and emotional experiences, that consistently elude description. It is as if these experiences, no matter how significant, are destined from their inception to remain feelings—to stay tucked beneath the veil of consciousness, with certain qualities rising, occasionally, to the surface where they spark a vague sense … Continue reading On Feeling Pretty

On the Feminine Experience

About a month ago, I asserted that my current attempts to “make meaning” would necessitate a re-ordering of my interests, goals, and desires. I now believe that wasn’t quite correct. The further along I guide myself through this exercise in making something impactful and imprintable out of my life, the less I view the process … Continue reading On the Feminine Experience