This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 2/13/19 Got thinking about the importance of ritual, but through a different lens now. Returned briefly to Maslow’s Religion, Values, and Peak Experiences, always a gloriously eye-opening read for me. Some brief insights worth sharing.  I feel as if a haze has been removed from [...]


This post has been formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 11/23/18 It’s the night after Thanksgiving, and I’m embracing the slowness of it. Reading Maslow after a long workout. Motivation and Personality. Relieved of the anxiety that my first apple tarte tatin may not be holiday-worthy. (But, in fact, it was tasty and simpler [...]

Pots of Gold

I've been going through an intensely creative phase lately. All poetry. Averaging nearly a poem a day. Reading Kerouac. Contemplating Maslow. Both now having stirred my interests in Buddhism. They make me want to retreat to the mountains and meditate. I remind myself that I've got a hiking trip coming up next month. My own [...]