As Few Painters Do (Nature’s Most Perfect Composition)

these nights kept vigil as few painters do the fantastic delusion of color a yard high, seldom seen through comprehended No—nor can be after the newborn light Nature's Most Perfect Composition nature’s most perfect composition …a garden that colorful old proverb laid away in white For here in all its forms are Spun from the [...]

Eyes of All Mankind

the eyes of all mankind Whether seen or listened for from a mountain top over city sunset battered and sometimes torn still bears the minutes of splendor If you were stranger after another across the Western sky I'm learning that I very much enjoy making poetry out of the stuff of everyday life--cardboard and vintage [...]

Penny Harvests

rising wind, freshened earth, and then…the rains This is the message, too, to restore the weary. at a touch, To make the riches of harvests This simple visual poem happened (somewhat) by accident today, as I was experimenting with cardboard and paper. Perhaps something to try my hand at going forward.