life is proof of what lies beneath of time?  no. messengers, engaged in  godlike transformation upstairs, in a room upstairs, in a magic (mystic) space there, by the dunes sleek, orgiastic & frayed the first wild  thrash of dawn he is young, not pretty, using words or  sacrifice at last a light ascends how do we [...]

Mandala Effect

situation is parallel water to sleep on and water to wake you perspective is mystical  elongated mind like recurrent water consciousness at terrapin high noon the present is  the middle of this phrase on leaving tigers  miss the mark

Midnight Lite

as if the future is falling behind me vast and uninhabited like a cool primitive moon a man, his skin is dry and upright like leather (they’ve killed the city; the city is dead) his voice is high and catatonic hands dangle like two blind prophets somewhere in a desert essence of reptiles scarlet sandcastles [...]


hitchhiker in time have you witnessed the procession of funerals & signs? alternate states of chaos & religion ruins like a faraway place brother within a dream carried in on a mad atmosphere of change masked man drugs & caviar face like a higher god disappears & is confirmation of life

Pink Limousine

don’t look now, but our speaker is chasing her tail like a ball of yarn or a lazy shoestring a tuft of stray fur jutting out beneath the collar and a set of heart-shaped whiskers perfectly feathered at the nose to the left of our scene, a landscape like a fishbowl glittering under a giant [...]

Mannequin Planet

Original artwork by T. Blake pencil in the image of a dancing lady dress melted down like tobacco, a hit of vintage perfume and a smooth gathering of chiffon at the ankles, this will be her scene enter: a cat with a cool strut his groove is loose like silver, a cabaret like a one-man [...]

Serpent Ring

there will be heaven in a green house with clairvoyant walls where the stars peep through its sides, a house like a naked eye with an emerald for a rooftop a jewel in the crown of a mile-high fantasy resurrected from deep within the catacombs of sleep it was there in the dining hall where [...]

Pirate’s Den

it was a mission i never meant to accept a treasure hunt for a chamberlain’s key a silver cypher with a face like a lion and an emerald-studded crown that was stolen by a pirate on a ship full of moonshine who brandished a heart-shaped sword, that infamous thief and lord of the island of [...]