Lip Sync

have you ever spoken with your mouth directly ever followed it down a rabbit hole while your eyes were half asleep stuck in a forgotten spiral like two tumbling birds to a field that makes your footsteps giant as peacocks, a pair of yellow snakes chomping at the root of a high flying oak tree [...]

Day Glo

from here on up we’re dealing in stitches, the kind that knit together the facts of a chain letter firm as cotton the moment i read it, i sensed it was a violent new beginning they spoke of the cool grey flowers at the base of a mountain that flipped the day on its side [...]

The Golden Turtle

…was a thing i’d heard described as being, actually, a portly shade of green and seated at the right hand of a grand archipelago of signs, a symphony of gold and dust as big as the earth and all of its suns somewhere in the South Pacific where the sparrows swim with the dolphins the [...]

Sandman Express II

Original artwork by T. Blake. Read Part I of "Sandman Express." II. notice how this scene endswith an apparition, of coursea wink and a nod and a sip or twoof warm ale, an old trick of the Sandman,that feral-eyed Merlin chugging acrossthe world on his train like a mad reindeerfull of fairy dust and coal [...]

Owl’s Nest

i don’t know how this story’s supposed to go but i got a feeling it isn’t like this beginning as it does with the great splash of a crescent moon rising high as a daisy over the banks of the gulf and a town full of whitewashed houses thumbing their eyes like chicken bones there [...]


someone put a spell on it that’s all i know and unzipped the seat of the morning like faded blue denim on that day built like an iceberg, at the same hour i went to see her— the old woman who lived in the house that tilted like a can at the foot of my [...]

Sandman Express

Original artwork by T. Blake it was a muddy winter and the trains were always late i was heading west of the city— i was sure of it—by the gaps on a map i found in a dream under a forgotten stagecoach just south of the old diagonals, it told me, west of a buried [...]