A Way with Words

Woman No. 8, mixed media, 2021 i. the lamp is waiting the chair, at this hour, is more cynical than usual and why not? i close my eyes and the moon shivers i take a sip of wine and the hemisphere is cold even the crows have stopped asking questions ii. i envision your body [...]

Laughter in the Dark

The Chaos of You, mixed media, 2021 everything at daybreak is less heavy somehow a crow in the yard at 7 a.m. he’d might as well be an angel on the horn a pair of scissors or an ordinary word unsoiled by corruption do you remember those days? when we imagined there was more to [...]


Ceremonial Spaces, mixed media, 2021 today, i will plunge readily into the day’s perfume into this heart-stopping solitaire, this blossoming wheelbarrow of misfortune i will return to the skies as a pendulum, will claw at the entrance of this lithium mine, this drive thru mirror, these lips of magnanimous salt and i will keep time [...]

Kiss Me, I’m Cosmos

I Only Have Eyes for You, mixed media, 2021 the sky is a thread the evening, birdless finds my fingertips convinces me of angels, dustbins the catastrophe of walls this sober, creatureless moon revolving in a field emptying the night of sphinxes, terrors my body, moonlit loose as a canon no longer than a millimeter [...]

You Make Me Real

Some are oblique Some can only be seen in the lips and tongue. Movements of the eyes. the angle of a mouth. the two being as an internal body as they traverse connect with the same superficial atrophy A few fun facts about this poem-collage combo: the text comes from a single page in Gray's [...]

Evolution of a Smile

a question mark among unfinished foliage a conundrum on flowerless knees these ankles are hyperboles these elbows announce themselves with the urgency of clouds on a horseless afternoon after all it’s only rock ’n’ roll a cheshire cat and a moon playing ping pong with your eyes like two spoons waiting their whole lives for [...]