Lady Song

what i want my dear, is a  flickering, a little leaping, oh, yes a  prodding delicate as a  nail, a candle only partially burning, a kiss on  the tops of the  ears and the drift of a nightgown thin as baby powder, oh, just a little  look, my dear,  a shiver of the  eyelashes, a [...]

Wild Thing

There’s something taking shape beneath the night’s long hair I wish I wasn’t there to see it crowns resting on the heads of all the devils two hips and a sewn up corset a valley like an open cage, a mouth with no eyes, and the lips of a wild thing curled to the toes [...]


i had a dream i  wrote a sonnet a fine piece of  literature with lots of stupendous phrases  and careful  consonants  that sculpted  the contours of  the vowels like a  designer dress over  a pair of  thorny-eyed heels that punked all the literary critics  at our nation’s **leading**  institutions,  including even the most  pointy-toed  professors [...]


what i need is a crayon so i can fill in all the gaps in the colors of the alphabet and all the numbers that code the bars of the graphs that tell us how old we are and how tall we should be and how fast our hearts should be beating and to what [...]


This post has been formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 10/26/18 A cool, rainy afternoon and the end of a busy week. The highlight: seeing Lindsey Buckingham live in concert. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned previously that Fleetwood Mac is my all-time favorite band. Or how over the moon I was (and I was [...]

Flo On

the day’s a stale word  the kind that’s afraid of an honest mouth (a thing so  strangely made)  a conversation like  a broken arrow, busted wind  and a tree of fire, death at  the roots of the all the palms,  and a half-flung syllable  that punches like an empty fist i don’t know about you [...]