Mantra for a Hummingbird

a lotus drives a nail into a tree how rare, how empty a woman in a burgundy dress is the back of a cliff. her hands make knots in the rain, a slender coexistent rain, rain with distant (transient) birds a wave of atmospheric evergreens gleams across her face self-absorbed, by nature an unknown purpose [...]

Epigrams of Imaginary Flowers

a broad-limbed melancholy dude (bearded, carries a pocketknife) levitates thinks eternal thoughts indifferent to the fact that nothing’s happening a sunflower rises in an empty doorway the sea is disorganized the mermaid’s a false intention she’ll come over him in a tin cup indicating death a red insect on a hill flutters in a glass [...]

Secret Lives of Headlights

morning is seditious; the alphabet’s a void is nothing without the accomplice of my window where the air breaks into seasons, hour after hour the city grows younger. a portrait of strangers swooning over whiskey, revolutionizing poetry, invent music, transport themselves to a time that didn’t yet exist. themselves, invent the lore of cassette tapes, [...]

This Same Boat

this same boat speaking with no one driven by hooves of white air outward, is one of nature's most intense images, takes the expression of a body becomes movement becomes wave becomes a guileless flower of man I am spending the week in Seabrook Island, SC and was inspired to write this short poem as [...]

Paper Moth

i. this life is ancient at a distance, it is dust the thirst for solitude the luxury of loving in tandem like the idea of a paper moth its image is bodiless, breaks flies into a ponderous, gray light ii. a soft landing under weight of wood and sky the air has grown short and [...]

Has Had Paradise


my hand, open
drawn on a broken shore
the crack between words is palpable
out there, silence is God
memory, wind


a thought is unborn
un-blooms like a flower beneath my skin
it lacks color, vitality
a poem full of fictitious names 
of leaf and sprig in every 
 undiscoverable way

some people want to 
change the world, you know
others want to bury it
still [...]

Surf on a Radio

eye, hallow tree in the void, in the meek sunset void your peace is engineered— there, i said it, like surf on a radio & a poem with the knowledge to say so hollow-hallow tillow-tallow surf on a lyrical high-climbing shore peace by a tree, by the wide open elephant blue mating of highest wisdom [...]

History of the Modern World

the modern world was born on a danglethat’s how we got inmoments with actual limbs just a bunch of hobos with paper haircuts paintings of melons and mystery shipsin sober sunlit arrangement (can you see it? they don’t want you to believe it) a good day, a good piece of what isn’t there, that’s what [...]