Negative Space

Joan Miró, Pintura, 1925   it was the eve of the rebirth of the clock & 7 concentric shadows hung like a jagged shoestring & snatched up the light like a lonely severed tentacle {fortune is an excess of weight} it was a braid in the atmosphere a forger of form & sanity chiseled from [...]

Sandman Express IV

Read Sandman Express, Parts I, II, and III. i never imagined it would all disappear this way, a grove of floating oranges and sapphire giraffes, an acre of magic grass that shone like an eyeful of diamonds out the busted windows of the Sandman, that harbinger of technicolor dreams, while the old hippie wizard and [...]

Lo Dive

it was never more important to remember the rose, the way it crimped in her hair like an afterthought pruned with the blade of a cruel shoulder like a little neglected wing or a misshapen song unless my eyes were lying the instant i saw her perched on the fingertip of the morning like a [...]

Reluctant Memory

in its simplest form, the mouth was a giant puzzle piece a horizontal pickaxe that severed the sun from the whitewashed fields a cleft in the skull of a crystallized fantasy, a simple decoration, really, a wrinkle in the underbelly of a cloud where the smoke filled with mirrors and for the first time, i [...]

Final Cut

Salvador Dalí, Composition for "Labyrinth," 1947 i’m looking for something to trigger it the vision of a scene that was wronged by the seizure of a violin, a stolen touch like a carpenter’s hand discerning the contours of a naked jawbone, and a set of feet that stormed a violent hallway while the neck was [...]


take, for example, a man who stood at the foot of a pond, still as a southern peach on the forehead of the afternoon, the soles of his watery sandals fossilized on the banks of course, nothing he did outside that hexagonal courtyard was as i remember it, my sight whitewashed by the temple windows, [...]

2 + 3 = 5

is a mathematical anomaly indicative of the most frighteningly exquisite of contradictions, namely the curse of the object to become itself under a series of reproducible conditions that have been well-documented, yet scarcely replicated with the precision of the ripples in the shadow of a candy cane of which there are: 2+3=5 the irony of [...]