This blog is an experiment. It is a channel for me to use the life within me to beget a more creative life.

And in the spirit of experimentation, I have set the following parameters for my activities here:

  • I must say what I think.
  • I must say it the way I want to say it.
  • I must reflect as honestly as possible on the nature of the content created and on the processes involved in creating it.

My writings here represent an attempt to answer the following question: In the absence of rules and restrictions—that is, if I can simply be myself—will I be able to create something new and something meaningful, to align with my purpose, by fusing my creative passions with my intellectual interests and lived experiences in some unconventional ways? My hypothesis says, “yes.”

I am searching for meaning. I am looking for a way to imbue my life with greater purpose. I ask myself if, in the act of creating this blog, I haven’t already begun to bring that purpose into being.


While I wish I could take credit for all of the incredible art work that appears on this site, I am not the creator of these images. Images created by dankalilly and are available for purchase on Depositphotos.