Going Places and Other Art

Going Places, paper collage, 2021 I've been busy with my collage practice lately and have been experimenting with some new things. This is the latest collection that's been added to my Etsy shop. I hope you enjoy. (Click any image to enlarge.) L to R: Just Do What You Do, Life is Skin-Deep, Ecstasy, Spirits [...]

Wilderness Found

i have so many reasons to love myself beneath the refuge of this sun-less spoon-less sky this twisted armor of safety pins this nucleus on a road-less bronze-less forehead a name that i cannot remember an astros the solitude of stray horses drinking winding thoughts beneath a leg-less moon this form-less rhythm-less bicycle this accidental [...]

The universe is as improbable as a hummingbird.

Hummingbirds live at the limits of what is possible. I am reminded of a quote by David Attenborough, a documentary on hummingbirds and, for reasons I don’t yet understand, Rollo May’s The Meaning of Anxiety, which I first read about three years ago. It’s late on the Sunday morning after my birthday. I’m doing yoga [...]

There are only diamonds.

There are Only Diamonds, paper collage, 2021 I feel as if I've been neglecting the blog a bit lately. My apologies. The truth is, though, that I have been creating at a rather feverish pace. Responding to various open calls and other contests and exhibition opportunities for my artwork. I have every intention of publishing [...]

This Body, That I Lack

this body, that i lack perplexed, rejoicing tender as a millimeter explodes from streetlights heaves in a sea of wild umbrellas has a name? sure graffiti, sex a constellation of elephants tattooed on every forehead like a poem in its pure state stumbles, gropes, discovers battles on a staircase of desire between footfalls, signals My [...]

What Show of Heads is This

i.what show of heads is thiswhat snail, what small interstitial floweris this telephone to walk on these gut-shaking lilacsthis merry-go-round of streetlightsthat unfolds before us like invisible dancersii.what signals paradise if not a doorframewhen our hearts are naked before the dove tails of eternitybefore the right hands of elevatorsand the shallow fury of archetypal hammersare [...]