2 + 3 = 5

is a mathematical anomaly indicative of the most frighteningly exquisite of contradictions, namely the curse of the object to become itself under a series of reproducible conditions that have been well-documented, yet scarcely replicated with the precision of the ripples in the shadow of a candy cane of which there are: 2+3=5 the irony of [...]

Alt Air

it was a breathtaking oval that sat atop the crown which is probably not what i mean to say, but a shoulder, yes, propping up the eye of the morning like a lucid dragonfly zigzagging on the wings of mercies and men {the eye is a fable and every vision is a fiction, but not [...]

Fall Through Mirrors

i awoke that morning with a fantasy like any other namely, a golden rod poking holes in the clouds and i walking a mile of dropped jaws & hanging clocks & lavender-drenched tides to a castle in a tree that bore no roots and waved an iron flag like a mechanical rib or a stale [...]

Take 3

This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 4/19/19 Figured it out. What I was working toward on my return flight—the idea that was brewing but on which I hadn’t gained clarity sufficient to write. Returned to Rogers and Maslow. Re-reading them in conjunction with Huxley is illuminating. Also ordered Rogers’s Client-Centered Therapy. [...]

Rest in Pieces

Salvador Dalí, Autumnal Cannibalism (1936) it was the last supper at the ledge of the world and every fork was lit with the intentions of a preacher there was a giant hoof where a crater used to be and an orange moon folded like a bird around our ankles in each line is a world, [...]

Lo Lite

Salvador Dalí, Surrealist Composition (c. 1928) between me & the road was a red letter r, an ember of hair or a single faceless masquerade with a line above the brow indicating “no direction” the air was a blue-green funk lo lite rays & the ripples of a halogen fantasy (it is our duty to speak [...]