Laughter in the Dark

The Chaos of You, mixed media, 2021 everything at daybreak is less heavy somehow a crow in the yard at 7 a.m. he’d might as well be an angel on the horn a pair of scissors or an ordinary word unsoiled by corruption do you remember those days? when we imagined there was more to [...]

Woman No. 5 and Other Nude Art

Woman No. 5, mixed media, 2021 I recently acquired some fun new source materials, including a book titled, 1000 Nudes: A History of Erotic Photography from 1839-1939. And I have to say, it's a lovely book. The introduction gives a brief but informative history of the first erotic photographs, and the images are of a [...]

Kiss Me, I’m Cosmos

I Only Have Eyes for You, mixed media, 2021 the sky is a thread the evening, birdless finds my fingertips convinces me of angels, dustbins the catastrophe of walls this sober, creatureless moon revolving in a field emptying the night of sphinxes, terrors my body, moonlit loose as a canon no longer than a millimeter [...]

The Lovers

My latest experiment in collage art: The Lovers (mixed media). Additionally, I have some excellent news to share: I was recently notified that both You Decide. and Woman No. 3 have been accepted for inclusion in the juried show, "Animals" at Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. (I'm also delighted that they're donating 10% of all [...]