Unspoken Etiquette of Weather

Salvador Dalí, Skull with its Lyric Appendage Leaning on a Night Table Which Should Have the Exact Temperature of a Cardinal Bird's Nest, 1934. there’s a chemical basis for everything under the sun frogs' legs, leotards the surreality of a piano in a cool, dry desert this poem, i believe, is organic sexual gravitational like [...]

The Invitation

The Invitation, paper collage, 2020 the crow, the shunted earth a detestable paradox, i’d say a man, the shadow of a man could have been anyone. i am troubled by his stillness, his lethargy of mind a woman, face like an amber moon begins to move & wonders if she is a messenger or a [...]

Venus Flies at Night

Salvador Dalí, The Hallucinogenic Toreador, 1968-70 Venus flies at nightrugged-faced androgynous as a whistlea cactus breeds listens with two heads at the same time(a bit like walking without sunshine)perhaps a better woman would have squeezed the worldno. a better woman would have told you happiness is singing with your hair downin spite of all the [...]

Bonsai Love Letter

not everything profound moves; not everything peaceful is organic this poem is really a form animal—a bonsai love letter or a jigsaw falling into place (either way, a climax in both entity and arrangement) what i think i’m after: an epic poem including history, an awareness of history (these things aren’t the same) seems desperate, [...]

“Why wait?”

"Why wait?" Paper collage, 2021. we’re well-suited for decay. in less time than it takes to say this, i’ll have penciled in the image of a garden and replaced it with a facsimile of the moon a bodiless path that leads wherever i choose my mind’s asleep on a bed of goldfish and i am [...]

Pomegranate Song

what i see beneath me is not me what clings to my boot soles & the contours of their soft downward skin not the politics of starry nights not the alchemy of everyday objects to live; to keep time on & stranger still the risk of borrowed footprints for awhile no. wherever you are; wherever [...]