Midnight Lite

as if the future is falling behind me vast and uninhabited like a cool primitive moon a man, his skin is dry and upright like leather (they’ve killed the city; the city is dead) his voice is high and catatonic hands dangle like two blind prophets somewhere in a desert essence of reptiles scarlet sandcastles [...]

City of Salt

afloat. man and woman unfamiliar in time are lost in the swells of harvest eyes as steady as bulldozers a body within a body (is lighter than you think) mouth cries are murky and euphoric like smoke on glass and two bodies living as a single body are a sea in a city of salt [...]

There is no time for bones.

there is no time for bones. changing skins of sex fire and other enlightened things. each springtime, whether to erase time or bare ourselves to the sun. (some people wear out their elbows that way.) mouths like wine and knives in oranges. this is the stuff of naked poetry, sayable for unsayable things. it’s like [...]

Raising Butterflies

This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 8/2/20 Woke up and took care of the caterpillars. How striking they are to look at. Such vibrant stripes of yellow, white, and green. It’s amazing how they’ve grown in the past four days, since I first discovered eight—now fourteen—little ones on a dill plant [...]

Girl, Fairytale

if tomorrow was fit with fairytales (we would always walk as if on sunshine) lush and ethereal like smoke on water or a skeleton made of fireflies if grace was a body and our bodies were fairytales mammoth-like and wild (eyes are snails bellies full of sand) a thought like a body in a loud [...]

On Low Living

It occurred to me about two or three weeks ago that I was, perhaps, in need of a change in habits. Spurred by feelings of stress, overstimulation, and an overwhelming desire to tune out— to reclaim a firmer sense of autonomy and personal well-being during such chaotic times, a yearning for a simpler, quieter, lower [...]

Water on Water

to touch the earth is a sensation worth preserving, don’t you think? a central metaphor for all that is holy like the unreality of fire or a meadow full of white moons & even if the forests themselves amounted to nothing but rain, the grainy silhouette of water on water the coarseness of wine or [...]