Untitled VI.

You are not a street among crowds. I write to you because You are a sweet something, Hatched from nothing, A beginning contained in another, That knows you do not end in yourself. Never be less than you are. Remember that real love soars On lifted hearts, Scrapes your boots, Pulls your raggedy hat down [...]

Soul Scientist

I am a soul scientist A dreamer Dropping reflections For pennies Philosophies Probabilities The poetics of charm Spring day sparks in a jar Bottled up landscapes And cannonball chemicals Clobbered kisses Muddied by truth A florid kind of love

Untitled V.

I am not fit for sunlight. I was made for clouds, And madeleines, And the kind of sweet nostalgia That sings. I am not always eloquent in love, But I crave your kisses Like firelight under the moons Of gold September. You are not the lust I’ve made, But the shadow I love darkly. I [...]


  Mornings sipping tea kettles Meters of smoky poetry and earl gray rainbows December leaves Density Palms Feet tangled In juicy chestnut threads Apple cinnamon candles Trembling light Propped pillows and throbbing sheets Thighs damp with the temperate moans of a not quite lackadaisical Saturday My pulse skips a syllable Your thick fingers pluck vertical [...]