Elevator Music

Atmosphere, paper collage, 2021 i. i’ll be the first to tell you: the effects of gravity on these empty pages is questionable as if walking in the shadow of a goldfinch i look back and realize i’ve written the words, “not duplicating reality, but making it more intense” and i laugh, remembering that yesterday is [...]

Still Life with Apple Tree

Untitled, Woman with Tree, paper collage, 2021 being. portrait of nonbeing still-life with an apple tree tied behind your back thin paper nose back arched like a self-tied knot infatuated with pianos, maybe, or waking up gently to the thrill of chrysanthemums on a Tuesday morning (with dew) it’s the kind of scenery that writes [...]

Unspoken Etiquette of Weather

Salvador Dalí, Skull with its Lyric Appendage Leaning on a Night Table Which Should Have the Exact Temperature of a Cardinal Bird's Nest, 1934. there’s a chemical basis for everything under the sun frogs' legs, leotards the surreality of a piano in a cool, dry desert this poem, i believe, is organic sexual gravitational like [...]