Pink Limousine

don’t look now, but our speaker is chasing her tail like a ball of yarn or a lazy shoestring a tuft of stray fur jutting out beneath the collar and a set of heart-shaped whiskers perfectly feathered at the nose to the left of our scene, a landscape like a fishbowl glittering under a giant [...]

Polaroid Confessions

just ask (shall we be friends) or strangers over coffee are you good (with love and) yes i’m sure then call whenever (i wish i could but) my baby’s windows are always open at night (no filter) the bliss of cozy winter both of us living right touched by hands and mouths (cross my heart) [...]

Mannequin Planet

Original artwork by T. Blake pencil in the image of a dancing lady dress melted down like tobacco, a hit of vintage perfume and a smooth gathering of chiffon at the ankles, this will be her scene enter: a cat with a cool strut his groove is loose like silver, a cabaret like a one-man [...]

Memory Tree

if you come back, everything will dissolve at once, and how should i hang static in the approaching summertime? sleepwalking, 3 a.m. another ageless migration my memory runs still like watercolor rock paper swords and liquid airplanes the trippest discovery that ‘someday’ tastes a little like dime store pop just adventuresome you and so much [...]

Open, Safari

i’ll take you now while the lights are out and our bodies are loose like birds on a hunt for simple treasure where i think we could be happy sitting on pavement and dining under a crooked tree this hour, our hands clasped on a river, sand on your face, and the summer motif of [...]

Punk Run

: all about the god flesh a dark piece of matter and the impression of a soft liberation beyond the apparitions of shattered ceilings and paper planes (the cool wealth is rearranged) chiseled apparatus of our childhood dreams, the vogue of impossible endings it’s a secret authentic as bone marrow for the TV gods and [...]

Banshee Blues

you can tell a woman by the way she deals with the devil small like a plastic hurricane the way she ups and rolls and jives with the punches soft penance rescued from the fists of destiny like mud on the water ambitious voodoo once in a blue moon daylight’s the only crime she never [...]