quick before the sun sets on this field of fire and the fresh air faces us like a splinter raise your skirts and collapse your fists, you primal-eyed maidens of the night we are women of the future, our broken hearts are dead in a box, with knees as delicate as ants, we are benevolent, [...]

Yellow Book Company

PREFACE yellow book company: a compilation of pages signaling a journey in non-sequential order (page 8) if it’s more real than white, then why don’t we save it a space on every forehead? not the past, little lady, the space within—no—the sight that gives sight, what blinds us to the gaps that only the mind [...]

Pleasure Song

because of this i ask for you at your elbows for a drift of the knee and a pushing for the pulse of a violent overturning for the golden hour when my breasts are clutched in the fists of a midday storm we are blue with the veins of existence and you with your blood [...]

Slo Hand

to be invisible is to forget the memories of strangers somebody in traffic somebody split by desire the faraway splendors of nocturnal skin a low-key smile handshake crippled as a fishhook time is the language of lost emotion days of wine and knives in oranges we are masters of panic and savage sexual cool

Artificial Overkill

I. verbatim an arrogant pause apart and beyond a cemetery for all the little explosions that escape from our mouths encrypted in the babble the dark horse of myth deteriorates like a terminal roach expletive volcanic heart rhetoric is the sunny side of the rainbow dreams, the frailest of human obligations II. i don’t know [...]

3rd Cloud

I. the upswing future people on the run their hands clasp the neck of the morning like two ticking clocks one’s got time in her eyes a hushed descent of unseen forces unpeaked brows bellies faceless dirt the 3rd cloud, soft miracle of an outstretched hand II. headlines growing in circles the tough husk of [...]

Ants on Parade

can you see what i see words don’t come easy to the sour blue mind of a biochemical visionary a puzzle in the middle illusions in the shade grill step energetic apex grooves like a 6 a.m. lollipop a lie rings out like a church bell cool mama, facts don’t matter when the dead are [...]