Cut to Black

the film switches to men on their backs, they’re our real heroes, surfing on the chemical pink underbelly of a fertile sky they’re our whiskey dreamers the soft dancers, the coronet of half-naked bodies blown down by a puff of incense and a hit of stale tobacco it is a scene that begs for rearranging [...]

Red Sailboat

i had a dream that when i died they built me a gravestone like a little red sailboat and cast my watery bones out to sea where my thoughts rose and fell with the tide and yesterday’s sky was still magic and each morning i’d push the fish off my deck and shake the gulls [...]

Cluster Silence

i. beneath the rib of inconsistency, a wing where innocent elbows used to be, mad bloodless moon, catchphrase, a joint of wisdom unsung & crucified the sun has fled from our protection and we are on our child knees begging for harvest ii. the head behaves much like the shoulder a pillar of imaginary softness [...]

Slo Shook

over there, on the dope side a man who’d forgotten what he came for and a woman with a buzz as posh as a champagne earring, canary blu electric heels, and a sour cherry song shards of life that set sail in the mind of a glass dream the night was chiseled with light like [...]

Birds of Paradox

look at the finale like something the raven staged, the cyclic folding of the birds and the second season of our forgetting, successions of warm reptilian summers and exposed machine metal grooves hey, listen to that hi-wire astral applause rotations of a head blade of sound five points of life, tetrahedron of light the sun [...]


Salvador Dalí, Untitled (Soft Monster in Angelic Landscape), 1977 & the day came when we were forced to feast on the entrails of a static balloon, the sky was any color we liked & the moon was fitted (with maniacal precision) by the sap of an unfiltered lemon dream (nothing beats the sweetness of a [...]

Sandman Express VII

all that’s left at the end of this story’s a struggle, a penniless offering from the scantest corners of a forest, the scent of a long-forgotten tear like melted yellow perfume and a snap of the fingers that sent up a parachute like a tornado of fried tumble weeds, a pocketful of gleaming teeth strung [...]