Kissing Boys

I used to have wild hair the kind that knit  tangles in the keyholes of all the sweaters and knots in the toes of  the kissing boys who  used to tip toe in  after school like  little princes to slay that imaginary line between two lips (where we  found the kisses  we taught not to [...]

Second Hand News

This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry (and is titled affectionately, and I hope, appropriately, after the Fleetwood Mac song bearing the same name, to which I was listening at the time of publication). 10/9/18 On a train. Coming down from the mountains and remarkably unenthused about the return home. Reflecting on [...]

Jeans Song

I like to follow you by the scent of your jeans, to linger by the stitches and bury my knuckles in the crooks of the pockets while I dig for the spots where your cologne lies dormant like a seed. Oh, I want to burrow my fingers down. Down to the loops and the tugs [...]


This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 10/1/18 It’s finally starting to feel like fall. An airy afternoon run. Autumn leaves and a pleasant breeze. Getting deep into Carl Rogers’s On Becoming a Person. Fascinating. So much talk of feelings. Harmony of feelings. Integration, flow, and differentiation of feelings. I imagine it [...]

First Recording

This post is formatted to reflect an original journal entry. 9/26/18 It is a peculiar experience, the realization that you are fully and holistically engaged--investing the greater part of your time, energy, and potential--in rediscovering old truths. But, I said that! But, I KNEW THAT! The initial flare of indignation as I learn that all [...]