Appearances Matter.

This isn’t a post about beauty standards or body image. It’s a post about coping with the reality that we—both women and men—are constantly subjected to an array of internal and external standards regarding our physical appearance. Some of those standards matter. Others aren’t deserving of our attention (even though ignoring them can be easier … Continue reading Appearances Matter.

When You Are One…

It can be breathtaking to witness the transformations of an individual who is enthralled with a creative endeavor or captivated by an idea. There’s a wildness about them—a distinct and untamed energy that is itself a force of great life. It is generative, self-perpetuating, and quite beautiful. An onlooker might wonder how one body can … Continue reading When You Are One…

On the Art of Entertaining

I think of myself as a maker of experiences. The most satisfying of all creative enterprises for me, acts of writing and design included, are those tailored toward giving. Those that represent a fecundity of mind and spirit and that are crafted for the express purpose of giving others a unique and memorable experience. You … Continue reading On the Art of Entertaining

Finding the Challenge

I cherish those moments in which I have the final say over how I occupy my time. (Which of us, honestly, doesn’t?) I have been that way for as long as I can remember, and the biggest reason I have for wanting to control my time has to do with boredom—and my attempts to stave … Continue reading Finding the Challenge